Turia, an Indian vegetable

My mom was a vegetarian and loved fresh vegetables from her garden. I will till the garden for her so it was ready for planting. I never took interest in planting, growing and harvesting. My parents struggle with the harden soil, uncontrollable weeds and mosquitos. 

On March 16, 2002 at the age of 70, my mom left our family to visit the Lord’s kingdom. It happened so suddenly that it took me a while to finally realized that my mom is no more. Since then I have been involved in gardening because I felt guilty that I did not help her when I could have. I was young , capable and full of energy but a typical rebellion son, unwilling to help her for no reason.
Now gardening has become my hobby. Every time I grow vegetables, I see happiness on my mother’s face. Sometimes I spend hours at a time and don’t even know it until my wife, Lata, calls me for lunch. To grow fresh vegetables in my garden is my way of paying a real tribute to her.

One vegetable she liked very much was “TURIA.” She will make them with “PATRA” and basan flour. This is the first year I decided to grow them and run into many problems. I am sure if you have tried to grow them, you have also run into similar problems. So here is the tip on how to grow TURIA.

  1. I start with the Turia seed and plant them directly in the ground twelve inches apart and two inches deep. They will grow vines and will need climbing structure that can take them atleast eight feet above ground. It takes them eight weeks to grow in full height but will not grow fruits until the temperature has reached between seventy five and ninety degrees. In Nashville, it happens in late August or early September. That is the month Turia will grow rapidly.
  2. Before you plant the seed, make sure that the soil is prepared properly. I dug my ground at least eighteen inches deep and use Miracle Grow soil. However, you can purchase soil from local company or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). You will be glad that you made this investment because nothing is more pleasing than finding Turia crops in your vegetable garden.
  3. I am not into organic gardening. I use fertilizers, especially made by Miracle Grow and Ferti-lome and an organic pesticide made from Neem. Neem is an organic insecticide, fungicide and miticide. Many people are concern about in-organic gardening and they should be by not using in-organic pesticide.
  4. I water my plants twice a week and spray moderate fertilizer biweekly. If I see bugs, I spray my organic pesticide.
  5. You have done everything but plant does not produce Turia. Well, here is the trick that many pro will share with you. Turia plants have two kinds of flowers, yellow and white.

Yellow flower, male

White flower, female

The trick is to mate these two to produce Turia. Nature will help you if you have bees in the yard but if nature does not help then you must mate them yourself. Don’t need to read “Kamasutra” for this because it a simple kissing of both flowers while they are on their stem. It is not necessary to have Hollywood kiss, a gentle kiss will be fine.

Second, the stem that will produce Turia is thicker and has white flower.

The yellow flowers are male flowers and are mainly for decoration. Yellow flowers will grow in abundance and give you falls hope and will not produce any Turia.


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