Story of Chilean Miners

Zarna Surti, my daughter, tweeted about the rescue operation of Chilean Miners and wrote “This miner coverage is so wonderful and sad at the same time.”

Sad, beacause thirty three miners had to spent almost seventy days in a mine, half a mile deep beneath the surface. No immediate family members, no sunlight, no food-water, no basic substance to live a normal life.

Wonderful, beacuse there was one more miners with them, we call him GOD. There was hope and faith. See my earlier blog about “FAITH”. There were prayers not only from their immediate loved ones but from people all around the world, including my family. The world was united to save these lives because it was the right thing to do.

I say remarkable because rather then wasting time in blaming, the Chilean President, Honorable Sebastian Pinera, took in charge to find them and rescue them. He reached out to all the experts in the world for help while comforting the families of the miners as well as the miners. His passion and commitment was extraordinary. His faith was remarkable. I was glued to the television when the first miner was rescued and I was touched when the Honorable President and his wife waited in the dark and cold night to greet the miner. Not only the first one but one after another one. This is a story of a President, a human being, who had perfected his compassion equal to the teaching of our beloved CHRIST, the LORD.

I hope the American President, People and Corporation can learn one thing from this episode. Put their personal agenda behind and become a human being that was created by GOD and not the monster that has been created by three branches of the US Government, especially the irresponsible, corrupt, senseless, racist, immoral judicial /legal systems. No society will survive by losing the fundamental moral values that has been taught for centuries by scholars all over the world.

In the end mankind will turn to LORD for forgiveness for his ignorance towards moral values. We will talk about moral values in my next blog.


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