End of 2012

During the holidays, our family spent time with one another for several days at our house in Nashville, Tennessee. Everyday we eat vegetarian food with water according to the Hindu tradition and the values that were preached and practiced by our parents. We watched old family movies and photo albums. No matter how painful it was to realize that we have lost our parents in last decade, watching the old movies also reminded us that little innocent kids have grown into beautiful young adults, worthy of parents and grandparents pride.


My father prayed to our beloved Lalaji (Young Lord Krishna) all his life and left Lalaji with us to remind us our daily responsibilities to the Creator of the Universe. After dinner, we talked about our parents and the values that they had preached to us. Our children remembered the love they had received from their grandparents but most importantly the values that the children had learnt from their grandparents. It is good to know that old values are still alive in our family and hence the continuation and promise of religiously peaceful & ethical cycle of life while living in harmony with modernistic changes and challenges.

I thank you LORD for your creation of this universe, my parents, my children and my family. May we ask for your blessing so our family stays together and the entire mankind live in peaceful harmony.


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Laharen ka Sagar - (waves of Ocean) - (78)
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