ImageLast Monday of the holy month of Shravan is considered an auspicious day in Hinduism. Today Hindu prays to God Shiva, the creator and destroyer of universe. Earlier mankind, especially Hindu, believed that fertility in all beings is “The God” and therefore Hindu begin worshipping Shiva-Lingam to receive blessing from the God for fertility and healthy children.

The smaller Shiva-Lingam is oval shaped and an independent version of fully formed Shiva-Lingam that has Pedestal, Yoni and Lingam, normally found in all Shiva temples. Among the smaller Shiv-Lingam, Narmadeshvara Shiva-Lingam is considered as the holiest that can only be found in Narmada River that flows through Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and then into Arabian Ocean. It has been said that these Lingams were created millions of years ago when a Meteorite collided with the earth at a place that is now the source of the Narmada River. The Narmadeshvar Lingam has red marking on them representing crypto crystalline quartz, the meteorite material. These unique materials blending from earth and space has excellent density and rhythmic vibration that brings positive energy and fertility in a house where it is being daily worshipped. Traditionally the Lingam is passed on from one generation to next or put back in the river of its origin.

ImageLet us not confuse Shiva-Lingam with Shaligram that represent Lord Visnu and found only in Kali Gandaki River in Nepal and India. Shaligram represent the change in Hindu philosophy from creation to evolution. Hinduism struggle heavily while making a transition from older creation philosophy to newer evolution theory and ultimately settled with the TRINITY concept of GOD, elevating Vishnu to be amongst the highest God. Thus BRAHMA became the creator, VISHNU became the protector, and SHIVA became the destroyer. However the One God concept remained the core philosophy of Hinduism and the Trinity only represented the three personality of one God.

It is believed that part of India was drifted from the African Continent and collided with China’s boarder creating the tallest Himalayan Mountains in the world. It is also believed that there was an ocean between these two lands and all the sea creatures were buried in the molten lava. On the far eastern side of impact lies the Kali-Gandki River where the lava stones are found with an impression of sea creatures, normally identified as holiest Shaligram.

Hinduism believes that there is only one God and every life forms objective is to become free from the circle of life and death by balancing the karma that can provide an ultimate liberation (MOKSHA) making it possible to be with the GOD forever. I find comfort in praying to a real object representing the GOD and its theory because with my limited capacity I am unable to understand the complex nature of the formation of the UNIVERSE and LIFE FORMS. In my opinion neither the creation nor the evolution theories brings as good closure to me as the theory of GOD. Until I am introduced to another proven option, I remain firm believer in GOD. OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA.

ImageTypical Shiva-Lingam found in all temples.

I also want to thank the following website for their contribution to my article.

  1. Narmadeshvara Shiva-Lingam
  2. Kali-Gandaki- Shaligram
  3. Shiva-Lingam with Pedestal


September 2, 2013


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