Creation (GOD) and Evolution (Science) – My perspectives

Several days ago  I received an interesting  re-twit by billionaires Sri Vinod Khosla. I have tried to understand the antagonism between these two groups, Creation (GOD) and Evolution (Science), in search for an answer that can bring an ultimate harmony between these groups.

Here is the full twit:

@vkhosla We have a Presidential candidate with gaps! Please retweet broadly”  #RickPerry : “Evolution is ‘theory’ with ‘gaps’ and “I agree with Perry, God is better choice then Evolution”

I debated between these two arguments and made my choice. I believe in GOD.

Hindu Rishis were very intellectual and methodical group of Brahmins who collectively gave us the world’s oldest religion, HINDUISM.

It is obvious that they seriously discussed the theory of Creation and Evolution because the story of Vishnu and his ten incarnations is nothing but a theory of Evolution. Evolution may explain the changes in physical forms, however, it does not explain the spiritual form that is the base of every life on this planet. It is therefore, in the end, they decided to remain with the theory of Creation (God), the supreme soul, because it made perfect  sense to them.

Therefore, the Rishis concluded the philosophies of Hinduism and introduced its five core values:

  1. God is one and you can worship him by any names. This is the reason why Hinduism accepts all religions of the world.
  2. God created this universe; he is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent.
  3. The purpose of life is to find Moksha (an union with the GOD), a liberation from the circle of  life and death (theory of reincarnation),
  4. Live Dharmic (with Ethics and Morality) life because Karma (action) is the law of cause and effect. Positive actions produce positive effects; negative actions produce negative effects. This karma is cumulative: one accrues karma, positive and negative, not only throughout the course of one’s life, but throughout the course of one’s multiple rebirths. It is karma that determines one’s rebirths.
  5. Respect all life because GOD resides in all. Forcing society to practice Ahimsa (non-violence, especially to non-humans) and vegetarianism

Science have tried to convince us that there are some life pieces that has been the result of Evolution, however, it fails to identify each and every piece on this planet to be the product of evolution. Like Governor Rick Perry’s statement “there is a “GAP” in the theory of  Evolution.” It holds no franchise values that can serve the societies needs and  fill their quest of Faith and Hope.

Agree, both theories are created by mankind because no one has seen GOD, except few, and no one can prove for sure that the entire world has been a result of Evolution. In my opinion,  the theory of Creation, GOD, has been universally accepted and practiced for many centuries. It is the most powerful franchise in the world that has provided laws of ethics and morality. It has brought communities together to do good and provided hope for those who became victims of times. No other franchise has done more for the betterment of the societies. It is time we stop resenting its existence.

My mother and father always told me that no matter what happens in life, keep your GOD in front of your life and let him lead you so you can enjoy the journey. Lord Krishna told similar message to Arjuna in Gita.  Gandhiji learned early in his life the power of prayer and faith in GOD. The list can become very long if I include people from all over the world who believes in GOD and have faith in GOD that brings them healing power. I have always found comfort in GOD’s feet and my faith in him is unshakable, just the way my parents had taught me. It is therefore I made my choice based on superiority of these two enterprises. We live in a world where each decision is measured by these fundamental rules:

  1. Does the enterprise have customers (followers, Devotees)?
  2. Does the enterprise have franchisee (Temples, Churches, Synagogues, and
    Mosques etc.)
  3. Is the enterprise profitable (sustainable over long term from
  4. Is it beneficial to the society (Laws of Ethics and Morals)?
  5. Does it have Global acceptance?

I do not claim that theory of Evolution is wrong, but I do claim that it has GAP. It is an inferior theory to the God’s theory. Such enterprise is non-sustainable and not profitable. In a capitalistic society, I refuse to endorse such theory. It is therefore : “GOD TUSI GREAT HO”


* I did not include arguments from other religions of the world for the lack of my knowledge and space on this page. Please accept my sincere apologies.

* I also want to thank the webpage where I found the beautiful picture of Krishan and Radha. I lost the track of that page but if I find it, I will give you the link to it. Sorry.


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